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Day 35: Biggie's busy corner – BBMzansi

27 February 2022
What an eventful day in Biggie’s House – its game on and dynamics have already shifted, the conspiracies are abuzz but who will go down?
Housemates sit in the conspiracy corner

Immediately after the Live Eviction Show Housemates didn’t take the usual time to get through the night reminiscing about the former Housemates like the usual chats they have. While Thato was still mourning Yoli’s Eviction –Terry was just waiting for it to sink in that Vyno is truly gone now. Although she’s not moved, she feels sad that he’s out of the game but she’s happy she has one less distraction to keep her eyes on the game. 

It's tense in the BBMzansi House as Housemates navigate the new and shifting dynamics in the House. As you know by now Biggie called for more transparency in the House and thanks to the Conspiracy Corner, we have first-hand tea into all the tea on strategies and tensions around the House. Today has to be one of the busiest days we've ever seen with all this conspiring. While those who choose to play the game alone run the risk of being isolated and always behind with all the details about the things happening around the House.

The first Housemates to officially open the conspiracies are Gash1 and Themba. The pair discussed that targetting strong individuals is their ideal strategy to reduce the amount of competition in the House. They briefly showed interest in Nominating Sis Tamara, Tulz and Libo – Themba says he likes their relationships but it is a threat! Themba added that he likes Gash1 and he knows he is dangerous but they will deal with each other in the end.  Talk about putting your differences aside for some interesting strategy play.

If we could call it, we think the entire House would have loved to spend some time just checking out the real deal with the alliances being formed around the House. Terry, Tulz, Libo and Venus discussed how Sis Tamara is too much of a loner that it may affect their game in the long run. Various Housemates shared their sentiments about how this may affect Nominations and how they may end up on the chopping block because they are isolating themself from the rest of the House.

On the other hand, Mphowabadimo and Nthabii felt like there's not much to talk about, as they shared how they can sense that they have a target on their back. While it's unclear who exactly might be conspired against, we wish all the Housemates luck in the HoH Games tomorrow as they hold the final safety net for any Housemate that may be potentially at risk of being Nominated.

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