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Day 34: 5 things essential for an epic Saturday Night Party– BBMzansi

26 February 2022
There are certain essential elements that make Saturday Night Parties special, magical and extremely memorable.
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The aim is to have Housemates still talk about the party even a day or two after it has taken place. Here’s our take on what’s needed for an epic Saturday Night Party…

Killer DJs in the mix

Music is KING, it has the power to make or break a party. The secret is to bring in DJs who understand the assignment and are fired up, without a doubt, this will impress the Housemates. If the DJs are lit and the set is rocking, the Big Brother Mzansi Housemates will set the dance floor on fire throughout the night.  Did we mention that tonight the party got a little too hot, firefighters had to rush to the scene to put out the blaze?

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A well-stocked bar

Expect no tips from the Housemates for throwing a party without alcohol. We all know that nothing says “it’s a turn up” more than a few bottles of their favourite beverage. A well-stocked bar is a must, in fact it’s the hub of the party.  This is where most of the Housemates will flock.

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Dress the part

For the ladies, whether you throw on a mini skirt, a bodycon dress, a crop top or a jumpsuit, the key is not only to turn heads, but to also feel comfy.  For the gents, whether you opt for a three-piece suit (you know which Housemate we are referring to.😉), jeans, smart fitting chinos or whatever makes you tick, own that look.

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Maba-jaive abantu

Nothing brings the party together like Housemates dropping infectious dance moves. The moves have to make Mzansi stand up and notice.  If you want to wow the nation even more, don’t forget to display a few facial expressions. If you live in Mzansi, you will know what we are talking about.

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Vibe with the crowd

A Saturday Night Party is more fun when you party with different characters, just let the magic take place. A bit of Gash1, Libo, Themba, Nthabii, Thato, Norman, Tulz here and a bit of Nale, Sis Tamara, Mphowabadimo, Venus ,Terry, Yoli and Vyno there is exactly the company that’s needed.

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Happy you…Happy partying Mzansi! 

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