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Day 28: Who will conspire first? – BBMzansi

20 February 2022
Times are changing but will the Housemates play it safe or will the new conspiracy rule bring more than just strategic gameplay but new dynamics.
terry gasps with sock while Gash1 folds hands

Conspiracy theories, Nominations and strategy are all that Sundays are about in Biggie’s House. After the Live Eviction, Biggie had a surprise plot twist for the Housemates that has left them with speculations and no resolution. The atmosphere in the House after the Live Show, spoke heavily to what the BBMzansi is all about - expecting the unexpected.

B.U and Zino’s exits left some Housemates in shock and others not so unhappy. Tulz was not afraid to shout that apart from B.U leaving, the hub is now gone – so he assumes. Gash1 is also not entirely unhappy with B.U’s exit and his gameplay proves to have been successful in ‘getting’ him out. Gash1 is more ecstatic about the extra food portions and making sure his plate is full to keep his tummy stuffed. Maybe this will be his way of retiring from the 02:00 squad that raids the kitchen for food.

The Housemates find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Having to conspire and create alliances to move forward or just play it cool and leave it to chance to survive throughout this week. Since everyone has trust issues in this House we wonder how they will navigate these murky waters. Although most Housemates are feeling a little exposed with having to openly discuss who they want out of the House - we can't help but wonder who will be the first to enter the Conspiracy Corner and name drop and who they are placing the target on.

In other news, it seems there are those who want to use the Conspiracy Corner while others – not so much. The Housemates who are interested in using it are those who have already been secretly scheming and might be more concerned now about being caught by the other Housemates. Others like Sis Tamara and Terry have declared out loud that they will not be using the Conspiracy Corner because they believe that the decision they make about who to Nominate should solely be a private thing and it must be clear that the decision they make they have made on their own. Sis Tamara also believes in gameplay more than friendship, stating that they believe that one should be able to Nominate a friend regardless of how they feel about them and Mpho and Nthabii agreed with them adding that at the end of the day, this is a competition.

The Live Eviction Show seems to have affected the previously Nominated Housemates – who have stated their gratitude for their stay and also Venus who has been since moping and looking rather alone tonight, even though she did say that she is happy to be free from being tied down in the House. Yoli’s reaction to Zino’s exit was also the most evident feeling toward the Evictions otherwise the Housemates are more concerned about the week ahead and how to win the HOH which comes with immunity. Housemates seem to be playing the game safe and staying far and clear from that box of doom.

To spice up and create a bit of tension, the jokesters in the House Gash1 and Themba were the first Housemates to step into the Conspiracy Box. Although they pretended to talk about anything serious we think they have just opened a floodgate of tension around the House. Who knows? Maybe some Housemates will take the lead and actually ask important questions now.

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