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Day 27: Biggie plays cupid one last time - BBMzansi

19 February 2022
As week four winds down from the much-anticipated week of love, we think he is in the running to replace Cupid this season.
Nale and Tulz slow dance at Love Ball

In the early hours of the afternoon, Biggie gave the Housemates a brief that had the Housemates excited for a pre-Saturday Night Party vibe. In his brief, Biggie instructed the Housemates to freshen up and experience the ultimate celebration of everything is love.  

Biggie threw a Love Ball for the Housemates and generously added a new wardrobe of “great gowns, beautiful gowns” and for the gents the suave suits to keep them dapper all night long. Tinseltown came to the Big Brother House as the Housemates were all glitz and glam in their drop-dead gorgeous outfits.

Besides Big Brother playing Cupid, Gash1 was also working overtime at the Love Ball dance floor by pairing up Housemates. It didn’t matter if those that are shipping are already sitting together. Gash1 was working overtime to scatter these ships. 

The music was slow and sultry begging the Housemates to hold on to each other as they swayed side to side. As you guessed by now the luxury perks from drinks to the food were in abundance and the usual foodies of BBMzansi were the first to make sure their stomachs are stuffed before they sipped their pre-game drinks for the night. 

Tulz and Nale seemed engrossed in a deep conversation as the music marinated them on the dance floor. Tulz leaned in and confessed his feelings for Nale, "You will forever be my biggest crush in the House" but just as Nale asked if Tulz can be friends with her without ... Yeap, the photo enthusiastic Housemates disrupted the moment leaving us in limbo. We guess we will never know the question now but we think it’s about how they can move forward now as friends. However their night turns out we hope they get the time to iron out some things between them.

The House is abuzz with all the fun and the vibes are just picking up for the night. With another party set to rock the Housemates tonight, we wonder how lit the next party will be? 

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