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Day 17: Food hoarders and kitchen strategies - BBMzansi

09 February 2022
There’s more beef in the BBMzansi kitchen than there is food.
Liboand Tulz discuss the kitchen monopoly and kitchen strategy

As we have noticed, the BBMzansi House has been on a bad streak with losing their Wager Tasks and now the House is running on a tight budget and their food supply is as basic as it gets. Libo says they are starving!

Although Gash1 has been playing a crucial role in ensuring the Housemates are fed, Libo and Tulz have noticed some concerning habits that led to confrontations from last night. Tulz has since observed that when Gash1 dishes out food he takes double the portions he serves all the other Housemates. The pair particularly felt like Gash1 was using the kitchen as a strategy to eat more considering the stringent measures the House is facing over the limited food.

As far as their dietary requirements are concerned, Tulz and Libo are considering being vegan to maximise their food portions. However, as food wars, tensions and kitchen strategies are surfacing we wonder if the Housemates will rise to the occasion for once and win this Wager Task. Maybe it’s the break they need from the basics, but most importantly to end kitchen monopoly.

The challenge posed to Sis Tamara, is will they be able to make some sweeping changes to the kitchen and how food is managed as the reigning HoH? It may be unclear about how Sis Tamara may deal with this situation but we think a stern approach to the Housekeeping rules might destabilise the kitchen monopoly and throw off Gash1 but it's clear as day that the BBMzansi men love their food.

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