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Five things you didn't know about Lawrence Maleka — Big Brother Mzansi

12 January 2022
Get to know the Big Brother Mzansi season 3 host, award winning actor and TV personality Lawrence Maleka
A picture of Big Brother Mzansi S3 host Lawrence Maleka

Lawrence is a charisma-tron, a superstar and a 'starring'. And on the highly anticipated third season of Big Brother Mzansi, which will be premiering on 23 January 2022, Maleka will be splashing all that A-lister flair as he pilots Biggie's big return for audiences all over Africa.

Here's what many already know; he's got the acting chops to set the trends blazing every week on The River, where he portrays the role of Zolani. He's appeared as a TV presenter on several South African TV shows. He has a personality big enough to capture the vibe in any room, and has enough drip to drown any troll. But there's more than meets the eye to the 31 year old multi-hyphenate thespian, who's getting ready to wow on our favourite show. 


Lawrence Maleka is an April baby! With so much achieved, many would find it hard to believe that this millenial was born on 11 April 1990, making him only 31 at the time of publishing this article. Now, for those who vibe with zodiac signs and their somewhat interesting takes on personality, his birthday makes him an Aries. That means he's quite the determined leader with a lion's focus. It also means he might possibly cry a lot, it says here. Use it, don't it.


He was born in Soweto, where many greats in the entertainment were also made. The theory is that the kotas there might have some ancient ingredients for success. A reach? 


Sharing music is a love language. If you were to chill with Lawrence and allow him to take over the playlist, you'd probably be jamming to a diverse mix of flavours from different sounds. He's into Jay Z, Florence and The Machine, Crash Car Burn, Hugh Masekela and Abdulla Ibrahim. We love variety. 


One thing about Lawrence, he stays in his bag. With a career spanning a decade, the actor has managed to build a blockbuster catalogue of memorable TV roles, along with hosting some of the biggest variety television shows in the country. Known most commonly for the stellar portrayal of 'Zolani' on 1Magic's The River, he also counts 'Don Webster', a character on the third season of Isibaya, as one of his ace moments. 


A man who reads can navigate the streets without losing himself. Maleka has timeless best selling classics 'The Art of War' and 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. Some reflective deep dives; the man is on a mission and it appears he's ticked a few dreams on his list. 

Big Brother Mzansi season 3 will start airing on 23 January 2022 on DStv Channel 161 Mzansi Magic and the 24-hour broadcast channel 198. Big Brother Mzansi will be available on DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus and DStv Premium only.

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