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Reasons why we love the Becoming Mzansi’s Diamonds – Mzansi Magic

01 April 2023
There’s plenty of drama, sass, and teardrops.
Colourful backgrounf with cast in the top right corner

The moment we had all been waiting for finally arrived. Becoming returned with a sparkly House of Diamonds and we plan to be here for the long run.


The House of Diamonds, run by the Queen Mother Treyvone Moo has been a ripe ground for all things self-discovery, identity and activism wrapped up with drama. We are learning so much and loving the opportunity to witness touching transformations and life changes. If you love Mzansi, this reality show hits home because of the familiar backdrops of the chill spots.  You don’t want to miss the diamonds’ life stories as they unfold.

Grab a snack for this juicy read!

Here are the reasons why we love each one of Becoming’s Diamonds:

Treyvone Moo (she, her)

Treyvone Moo, also known as “Mother or Hunty” is the Queen of all mothers fighting for queer rights in Mzansi. She was born and raised under difficult circumstances and we admire how she has built herself up through her life’s struggles. Her current life’s work is to create a queer space of safety in Johannesburg. Treyvone doesn’t take disrespect from anyone and she is a real talker! She’s also always ready to make peace but don’t mistake that for a weakness. A little birdie tells us that Mother plans to have a BBL! Who wouldn’t love for her? 

Caley Nkosi (she, her)

Caley is self-described as a model, DJ, and make-up maven. She is a stunning woman chasing after her dream to finally start her hormonal treatment to fully transition. It has been a touching journey to watch from the moment she received her green light for treatment and the support she is receiving from some of her fellow Diamonds. We can’t wait to see how her story unfolds.

De (they, them)

De, a photographer, is a multitalented queer migrant from Uganda with a passion for activisim and storytelling. They came to South Africa with their 8-year-old son after receiving a photography scholarship. We love the dedication they have towards sharing queer stories and changing lives.

Lulubelle (she, them)

Lulubelle is a dancer who uses the art as a form of expression ad activism. She has been working with De to create a thoughtful piece of queer activism to spread the message of love. We admire the work she put in to create a masterpiece. If you missed it, watch the video highlight here.

Koyame (he, them)

Koyame is the first son of the House of Diamonds and as a first son, he has been giving Mother a literal run for her money. Koyame missed a bus he was supposed to take from Cape Town where he supposedly had found love. As much as Koyame has been speeding up the growth of grey hairs on Treyvone’s head, we love that he teaches us to freely express ourselves with no limits, even if it means potentially getting “cancelled”. 

Ayabonga (he, them)

Ayabonga is one of the most peace loving souls of the House of Diamonds. He is a telecoms engineer who has a passion for fashion. We love the moment he shared stunning clothing pieces that his dear late mother left for him to flourish in!

Seoketsi “Seopower” (she, they, them)

Seoketsi is a powerful figure dedicated to mental health awareness and making queer rights known. We wonder if she will ever fully mend the relationship with Queen Mother after their explosive fight, but we do hop so. We love the true friendship she has with Caley, sharing her own hormone journey and shedding light on how the experience is. We can’t more.  


Nene is a fashion student, painter, and vocalist from Limpopo. We simply love how Queen Mother describes her as honest, humble, vulnerable, and talented. Who wouldn’t want these qualities in a friend? To add the cherry on top, Nene’s looks are always #ootd-worthy and we urge you to take some notes!

In case you missed Becoming, you can catch up on what’s happening in the House of Diamonds by watching the highlights on the Mzansi Magic website or see it on DStv Catch up. Click here to watch.