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A chat with Tebogo Thobejane from Ayeye Stripped

07 September 2022
The actress is not a fan of labels
Black woman with blonde hair

Mzansi Magic sat down with the businesswoman, actress and influencer Tebogo Thobejane to unpack all the tea on working on season two of Mzansi's popular drama Ayeye Stripped.

A multi-faceted talent

Tebogo Thobejane has multiple roles on the show, not only does she play Tsholo but she is also a storyline consultant. Her role is to ensure that there's lots of authenticity in the storyline. " I have some experience with this space, and I worked closely with the writers, I would give them scenarios and unpack how this lifestyle works. I also liked that I could educate and open people's minds about the narrative of the people in the OnlyFans industry," she says. With such a busy schedule one would wonder why she availed herself to work on this project, her answer is simple. She just wanted the opportunity to act and apply her studies.Thobejane holds a writing, producing qualification from AFDA and likes to flex her skills in that department. Working on Ayeye gave her an opportunity to do just that.  

Playing Tsholo 

She describes her character as a lowkey pimp, and a lady with lots of expertise. "I would describe Tsholo as a businesswoman, highly knowledgeable and that's why many women approach her. She's also definitely a power freak!" Thobejane laughs at the mention of this, giving more of that relaxed persona. She mentions that there are many words to describe Tsholo and why Mzansi would love her. "She's sexy, beautiful, hot and she's about het hustle. She's definitely in her bag.She enjoyed playing the role but it was not without its challenges. "It was very difficult to particularly portray a bully, there was a scene that I had to retake almost seven times because I was crying and extremely emotional. I have been a victim of bullying and I didn't like that side to Tsholo."

Slay Queen? Let's move on!

Thobejane doesn't particularly like any questions with the word 'Slay Queen' in them, she casually brushes it off as the topic is brought up. "Let's move on from the term slay queen, how long do we have to define it? You can be a businesswoman with four businesses and still be called a slay queen. So people will put you in a box regardless of how hardworking you are." She wonders if marriage is the only thing that might absolve many woman from being labelled and ridiculed for looking a certain way

Her journey on Ayeye Stripped 

The actress recalls how she really enjoyed the production and that it was really a learning curve for her and that's why she enjoyed the production so much. "I enjoyed mingling with other women, the cast and just the entire production. I enjoyed the dressing up, the wigs and just letting the process flow naturally by not taking myself too seriously." She doesn’t budge when given the Women’s Month click- bait questions, she’s not moved with Ayeye making its debut during Women’s month as she feels it should be the norm to have more females in lead roles and that there should definitely be more female producers and actresses on the cusp of new shows and productions. Which we certainly have to agree with!

Chemistry with the co-stars

We definitely can't end the conversation without talking about the spicy episode in which her co-star(Rosemary) got up close and personal. She laughs so much and starts to blush when recalling the chemistry between them.
"She could be my girlfriend, if I was lesbian I definitely would have asked her out after that," She recalls. "I even forgot I was straight, the chemistry was just too much." We love her honest approach and sense some admiration for her co-star.

Catch Ayeye Stripped, every Friday at 20:00 on channel 161. Ayeye is also available on DStv catch up using any connected device. Join the conversation using #AyeyeStripped.Catch Ayeye Stripped, every Friday at 20:00 on channel 161. Ayeye is also available on DStv catch up using any connected device. Join the conversation using #AyeyeStripped.