Zola 7 on Power FM

21 July 2015
Zola 7 on Power FM Image : 538
The much loved Bonginkosi Dlamini, affectionately known since the early 2000s as Zola 7 was on Masechaba Lekalake's Power FM show the Power Life recently, to talk about his return to television, fatherhood, and Utatakho.

Zola charisma and intellect have not faded over the years. If anything, they've become more pronounced. Used to being a problem solver and township counselor, he helps young people across the country get to the bottom of the thorny issue that is their paternity.

Having grown up without his biological father, he can relate to the pain of the people he helps, and he calls helping people his calling; he will do it for the rest of his life. He strikes a delicate balance between treating each paternity dispute with the sensitivity is deserves and the firmness it needs.

"I help young people do what is considered taboo in our culture; confront their parents about the dark things they did in their past." He remarked on the show that the issue of paternity is closely linked to identity and spirituality, and the point of departure from which everybody understands life. "When someone is lost in identity, he becomes lost in translation," he said. And so he helps people embark on the journey of healing and finding their identity.

Zola is a loving and attentive father to his six children, and says he and his children learn from each other. Masechaba called him a father of the nation, though he struggled to accept that title and all it comes with.

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