Your ultimate wedding checklist

13 September 2017
All the things that need to be ticked before the wedding day.
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So, you’re getting married and have worked out your budget, set the date and made all necessary bookings and its now down to the final weeks before your wedding. Here’s a quick checklist to keep handy, ensuring a happy and stress-free wedding day.  

Make it legal

First and foremost, you need to have sorted out your marriage licence. It’s advisable to make an appointment ahead of time, so you can check in with the courthouse, say maybe a month before your wedding, to see if everything is on track.

Pay all your vendors

Instead of waiting until the day before the wedding, make all final payments beforehand. You don’t want to have your photographer, décor designer or catering company/ person hounding you for payment on your wedding day or worse, refuse to render the service!

Check, check and double check!

This goes hand-in-hand with paying all your vendors. Check that your décor designer, caterer, chauffer, photographer etc. have the correct date, time and venue so you don’t find yourself waiting on them on your big day. Let’s not forget the rings! You do not want to be standing at the alter and not have the rings!

Go over your wedding vows

It’s always good to have your wedding vows written down. You can start drafting them as you go along the months leading to the actual day and go over them ahead of the big day.

Try on your dress

So, you’ve had several fittings and alterations on your wedding gown, as the seamstress put it together and it’s now a few weeks, or days, before the wedding. Try on your dress and do a practice run around the house to make sure it fits perfectly. This can help identify any emergency alterations that may need to be done.   

Get glammed up

It’s always nice to make this a girl’s catch-up session type of thing, where you invite your mom, bridesmaids or friends for a little bonding session at the spar or the nail studio. This will help you ease all the tension that’s been building up as you went along planning your wedding. Get your hair done and sort out your appointment with your make up artist during the week leading to the wedding, to ensure you're look nothing but radiant at the wedding. 

Put together a survival kit

You don’t want to find yourself running around on your big day, looking for safety pins, should you “pop out” of your dress. Put together a bag of essentials that you think you and your bridesmaids may need on the day. These may include Band-Aids, hair accessories, pain killers, wet wipes, stain remover, super glue or any other kind of adhesive, as well as a pair of scissors.   

Get plenty of sleep

Try to sleep a little earlier than usual the week leading to your wedding. The more rest you get, the better. Trust me, you will feel a lot more relaxed and will look radiant.  Once the wedding activities start, it may be harder to get a good night’s rest.

With this check list in hand, we trust you’ll be better equipped to have a less hassle-free day. All the best!


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