Your new favourite shows and when they repeat!

12 January 2017
Whether you missed it or thought it was so nice you had to see it twice, here are the repeat time for your new favourite shows.
new show repeats

Mzansi Magic started this new year with a bang by launching brand new shows on your screens from Monday to Sunday. You are spoilt for choice and what to watch and it is only going to get better. So in case you just have to see the action all again or you missed your new favourite show, here is when to catch its repeat. 

Monday at 8pm: Lockdown (#MzansiLockdown)

Repeat: Sunday at 21:00

34 screen shot 2016 12 28 at 11.32.04 am 004 pre

Tuesday at 8pm: uTatakho (#uTatakhoMzansi)

Repeat: Saturday at 18:30

34 screen shot 2017 01 10 at 12.55.00 pm  004 pre

Wednesday at 8pm: Papa Penny Ahee! (#PapaPennyAhee)

Repeat: Saturday at 19:00 and Sunday at 17:30

Thursday at 8pm: The Ranakas (#TheRanakas)

Repeat: Saturday at 18:00 and Sunday at 17:00

34 ranakas  004 pre

Sunday at 8pm: Saints and Sinners (#MzansiSNS)

Repeat: Friday at 21:00

34 screen shot 2017 01 12 at 10.15.06 am  004 pre


Remember to stay tuned to DStv channel 161 for the best in entertainment. You can also follow Mzansi Magic on FacebookTwitterInstagram and WeChat