Will these couples make it to Valentine's Day?

29 January 2022
Valentines' is coming but we don't think these couples will still be together when it comes.
vaentines ay couple break up article

You can call our bluff come 14 February 2022, but the way these couples are going right now, we don’t think they will still be together on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Mandisa and Nqoba – #TheWifeShowmax

Love conquers all: It is a saying that rings true in most cases but we are pretty sure burning R80-million is a dealbreaker. Mandisa’s need for love and approval from Nqoba and the Zulu brothers, and Nqoba’s consistently ignoring his lover’s needs while cheating on her have come full circle in a tragedy of many proportions and we just don’t see the couple working things out.

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  1. Gladys and Melusi – #Gomora

Another day, week, month, year, Valentine’s Day and another Gladys and Melusi fight complete with an ultimatum from her that she will leave him. These two always work things out and get back together no matter how big the challenge facing their marriage, the question is whether they will be together on Valentine’s Day before they ultimately get back together again.

  1. Minister Mthembu and Nandi – #TheRepublicMzansi

The sleepless nights Nandi spends alone in that beautiful house while MK is sleeping with the entire cabinet are slowly eating away at this marriage. We don’t think she will be able to be forgiving until Valentine’s Day and as his hatred for her grows, he may not be able to either.

  1. Emma and Zolani – #TheRiver1Magic

They had the rockiest start any couple has ever experienced but it seemed to be true love in the end. Well, that was until Songezo came onto the scene and a lonely Emma just couldn’t help herself. With Madlabantu on top of this one, it won’t be a simple break-up because she will try to protect Zolani but there is no way Emma can expect to stay in the Dikana house after betraying Zolani like this. She will be out before Valentine’s Day for sure.

  1. Nox and Herbet – #DiepCity 

Our favourite DiepCity couple has hit another one of Nox’s secrets and it is threatening to unravel their entire relationship for goo this time. Herbet misses and loves Nox but he just can’t seem to move past her being part of the crew that broke into his shop.

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  1. Vuyiswa and Hector – #TheQueenMzansi 

We know they are married, we know Vuyiswa is finally expecting the baby she has always wanted, but it is just not giving happily ever after. Do you see Vuyiswa and hector making it to Valentine’s Day with all the secrets, lies and wanting different things between them?

  1. Iminathi and Musa – #MzaliWami

Are we the only ones who noticed that Lungelo, Iminathi’s boss, seemed a little upset that she didn’t tell him she already has a man? Well, with all the support, work, attention and palm touches he has been giving her, it is only a matter before he really establishes himself as a contender for her heart and we are just not sure if Musa, in all his sweetness, can compete.

  1. Thati and Phumlani – #Gomora

Yebo siyathungisa but we are not sure if we will be wearing any of the outfits at this point. Thati and Phumlani’s relationship is rocky at best: She and Melusi are clearly still in love, Phumlani is incredibly obsessed with her, their families still have to be anointed before their wedding and who knows how that will go. We don’t want to be negative, but it is not giving positive vibes.

  1. Sharon and Sizwe – #Entagled1Magic

Ever since Julius turned up at Sharon and Sizwe’s wedding and ever since the news broke about Ntando’s dubious paternity, the newlyweds have been on shaky ground. Time will tell if they can last but the 2 weeks to Valentine’s Day is already looking like a long road in what should have been happily every after.

  1. Minister Mthembu and Bridget – #TheRepublicMzansi

Let us please make it clear, that they are not really a couple. However, we are simply predicting that even their affair will not make it to Valentine’s Day. Bridget may be hopelessly in love but MK has called a hit on Bridget’s life and a couple can’t make it to Valentine’s Day if one of them is no more, now can they.