Why Gym Buddies Are the Best

20 February 2015
The benefits of partnering up at the gym.
Why Gym Buddies Are the Best Image : 407
1. You'll Actually Show Up
It might be tempting to skip gym after a long day at the office, but if you know your gym partner waiting patiently at the corner, you will not want to let them down. What does that mean for you? More time spent at the gym and a rock solid physique.

2. You'll Work Harder
Building muscle is way better when you are building new friends. And if you find someone who’s a step above your fitness levels, you could reap the benefits big time. According to a recent US study, women who were told that they had virtual sweat sisters, spin-pedaled for nearly twice as long as those who believed they were working out alone.

3. You'll Score a Free Therapy Session
Sometimes, talking while you walk is the best therapy there is. Whether it’s mindless gossip, or a quick catch up on the big news of the day, keeping a friend close is a genius way to decompress and multitask. And watch how time flies by.

4. You'll Learn New Tricks
Sometimes routine gets stale, stale. What better way to add some spice and breath new life into a dead gym routine than to ask a friend to share their go-to moves.

5. You'll Burn More Calories
What could be better than socialising while burning calories? That’s exactly what a gym partner gets you. Why not skip those happy hour cocktails and get lean?

Additional info sourced from fitness.com