Who should Kele choose? – The Imposter

09 December 2018
Given the choice between Gary and Tebza, who should Kele choose?
who should kele choose

Gary is rich but cold, Tebza is warm but a wreck. Who is the right man for Kele? The best way to make a decision – a pros and cons list!

Gary Mokoena:


  • The real Gary is rich, and given Kele has probably become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, he may in the best position to provide it for her.
  • He knows how to take charge of a tough situation without panicking. Whether its dealing with Big Daddy, his uncle, his brother Pablo or his biological mother Candy.


  • He is as cold as a fish. Kele would have better luck building a relationship with a brick wall from cement produced by Gary’s empire.
  • He is mean, rude, abusive – to Kele and his own son. Should we really even continue with this list?
  • He is too shrewd a businessman – he is borderline obsessed with money. Remember when he said money never sleeps? Well Gary and no one else sleeps while he tries to get it!
  • He has no time for his son or Kele – Gary is so busy making money he has no time to spend it with the people who are his family.




  • Tebza is a great father. He absolutely adores Lesedi and even when he was broke, he made sure he spent time with her. Now, he is forced to continue to pretend to be Gary to protect Lesedi from being killed by the real Gary.
  • He is fearless, in a cowardly way. Tebza does not shy away from a challenge, he will face it legs shaking and all!
  • Tebza is warm, kind and fun. He is a down to earth guy and makes time for all the important people in his life; when he is not pretending to be Gary.
  • He absolutely adores Kele even going as far as risking his life by infiltrating the defence force to save Masego from Big Daddy and bring him safely back to Kele.


  • He is a liar! So good is tebza at lying he convinced everyone that he was his big brother!
  • He is broke – but love conquers all, right?!


It is going to be a tough decision for Kele, if she chooses to make it. Who do you think she should choose?

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