Who should Dabula marry?

10 April 2019
Will Qondi or Ntwenhle be the next queen of eBhubesini?
who should marry dabula

It seemed to be the perfect plan to rid Bhubesini of Mbovu’s reign of terror: Dabula would marry Qondi in a marriage of convenience and then she would take the throne from Mbovu. Dabula is the only living rightful heir to the throne, so a queen by marriage appeared to be the logical step. However, Dabula already has a first love he would like to marry – Ntwenhle.

Since Ntwenhle came onto the scene as Mandla’s long lost daughter, she has surprised in many ways. She is truly her father’s daughter taking on his temperament and eagerness for violence. However, she can also be quite level-headed. Is it all enough to be trusted to be the next queen and unseat a respected Mbovu?

The royal council may not take kindly to another young person taking over the throne, especially someone as new as Ntwenhle who was known to fratenise with the chief who is now in jail. Chief Dabula left s sour taste in many people’s mouths from the moment he arrived and his reign has been tainted by his bad friends, corruption and not listening to his elders. All things that may taint Ntwenhle’s reign too.

Qondi on the other hand is loved by the entire Bhubesini and the royal council. She would be a welcomed and trusted queen. Despite her union with Bhekifa who stole the chieftaincy, her reign as Queen Mother is untainted.

The question is: Who should Dabula marry for the sake of Bhubesini? Ntwenhle or Qondi?

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