Who is Mzansi’s Baddest Villian?

26 March 2019
These Villains have terrorised our faves and we love to hate them.

Diamond Mabuza

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Diamond Mabuza

Diamond is no street thug and that’s why he’s a fave!  He’s a genius with a game plan and strategy. We were introduced to Diamond Mabuza after gold fingers death and we were never ready! He’s given us bombings, shoot outs, kidnapping and the evil Kamina. Will he finally be dethroned by the great Harriet Khoza?


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Dabula was the chief of eBubheseni but he came with many sinister plans to set back the Ndlovu family. His final demise came from his relationship with Enhle, that led to the exposure of his game plan. We had mixed emotions about his departure, and we wonder if he will ever make a comeback! 


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Calculating, charming when necessary and evil to the core!  Odirile will stop at nothing to get her hands on the throne, even murdering her niece and framing members of the Kwena family. The poor Kwena family are in the dark about her villain ways, will the truth ever be exposed?

Banzi Motaung

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Banzi has done some very unforgivable things! But he’s the kind of villain who falls  8 times and stands up 9! He must be the most persistent villain to ever face Mzansi. Even though things aren’t looking great for him, we wouldn’t be surprised if he takes another win! He’s just that invincible! 

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