QUIZ: Which queen are you?

28 June 2017
Are you strategic like Harriet, free spirit like Dolly, a lover like Kea or a fighter like Goodness? Take our quiz now!

Many have claimed to know exactly who the queen is on The Queen. However, each of the leading ladies on your fav soap have their own sense of queendom. Which one is most similar to yours? Take our quiz to find out!

1. You want to expand your business and to do, you need a certain client to come on board. What do you do to win them over?

A. Nothing, if they cannot already see what a great idea I have, they obviously don't know anything about business. I don't beg anyone...ever!

B. I invite them out to a fun night out on the town, show them a good time and convince them to cme on board when their too drunk to say no.

C. I arrange a meeting with them and during our conversation, discuss all the ways we could both benefit from the deal. 

D. I find out all there is to know about them- their kids, what they love most, their weaknesses - and use this information to soften or weaken them


2. Rank the following things in order of importance to you: Romatic Love, Family, Power, Money, Achievement

A. Family, Romantic Love, Money, Power and Achievement

B. Money, Money, Money, Money and Family

C. Family, Money, Power, Achievement and Romantic Love

D. Power, Family, Achievement, Romantic Love and Money 


3. Which of the following is a combination of your strengths? 

A. Self-confidence, Aesthetics, Insightful

B. Persuasion, Resilience, Fearless

C. Focus, Strategic, Charming

D. Resourceful, Determination, Unyielding


4. Which of the following is a combiation of your weakness?

A. Too emotional, temper, selfish

B. Lack of planning, reckless spending, my fearlessness 

C. Family, I don't take in others opinions, too rational

D. Vengeful, I make decisions alone, romantic love


5. Your friend has just been dumped by the love of their life. What do you do or say to comfort them?

A. Just look through your phone for all the people who are dying to drink your bath water. Those who want to leave can just leave. 

B. I take her out to party to forget about that person who cannot see the good that is right before their eyes.

C. I hug them through the first few days while they cry about it and then tell them to get up and move on.

D. I help her find out exactly why their lover left, who they are with and how to get them back together or just get back at the lover. 


6. You have just been dumped by the love of your life. What do you do?

A. I walk around the house crying and thinking about them. Thinking about all the good times and what could have been. I can't move on until I have felt it all. 

B. Love is a headache anyway. On to the next one!

C. I focus my energy on other things, my work, career, the people i care about. I have no time for heartbreak. 

D. I cry about it and get really angry while trying to figure out a way to get back together with them or get back at them. 


7. Someone is standing in the way of your most prized goal. What do you do?

A. Go right over there and tell them to back off. 

B. Go to them and try to persuade them to back off my wearing them down with my liveliness. 

C. Delegate to someone else to deal with them. If not, engineer a plan to deal with them. 

D. Find out all there is to know about them and strike them where they are weak or have skeletons


8. What is your most cherished goal in life?

A. Love and belonging

B. To be more than self-sufficient

C. Family well-being

D. Power




Mostly A's: Kea

You are a lover but will not shy away from a fight. You wear your heart on your sleeve which makes you love and give easily but also hurt just as easily. People are drawn to you because what they get it what they see, which is someone who feels their love deeply. 

Mostly B's: Dolly

You are an independent free spirit! You focus on the here and now and don't look too far back or too far forward to avoid upsetting yourself with what cannot be changed. You have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Mostly C's: Harriet

You are a quiet planner and startegiser. No one can claim to know your deepest thoughts and feelings. You prefer reason over emotion in making your decisions and you will do anything to protect those you care for and your interests. 

Mostly D's: Goodness

You are a person who puts their plans into action. You can often see the big picture and all the little steps required to make a plan work. However, that does not mean you don't have heart. In fact, many pf your decisions are made based on your feelings. But you don't just idly feel things, you put your visions into action to realise them. 

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