Which mother should Ntokozo choose? – Mzali Wam

22 February 2021
Now that Ntokozo is safe and sound, who will play the role of her mother?
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It was a nail-biting episode. Who would have thought Joyce would pull off infiltrating Terror’s humantraficking ring and making it out alive with Ntokozo after they were saved by the police.

With that hurdle down, the next stands waiting for Ntokozo and her two mothers: Who will get to play Ntokozo’s mother?

Joyce has finally found her long-lost daughter who was stolen from her just hours after she was born. She searched high and low for Ntokozo until she eventually gave up and decided to open an orphanage taking in children who had lost their parents.

However, two decades later she comes into contact with the woman who stole her baby and finally Ntokozo as well. But it is bitter sweet because she has handed Ntokozo over to Terror to be sold.

Her heroic act to save Ntokozo may be viewed as beautiful and a sign of her love to some, but it will be difficult for Ntokozo to accept the truth that her biological mother, who she came in search of, sold her to the highest bidder.

The mother who raised is nothing more than a baby thief as well. That leaves Ntokozo with the a tough and disappointing pick of mothers.

Who should she forgive and who should she allow into her life as her mother? Is there any hope for Joyce and Ntokozo to build the mother-daughter relationship they were so quickly robbed of?

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