Quiz – Which Unmarried lady are you like most?

19 February 2019
Every clique has different personalities, which of the 3 is SO you?
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Are you Brenda, Lesego or Thembi? Take the quiz to find out who you are in your trio ladies! 

1. How long was your last relationship?

A. Over 6 months 

B. My first love and we're still together

C. less than 6 months 


2. Would you have sex on the first date?

A. Depends on the guy

B. No ways, I'm into marital sex.

c. Yes, if he was my type.


3. How important is money to you?

A. Well, I don't want to be broke. 

B. Not really important, as long as I have love I'm good. 

C. Money makes my world go round


4. How would you describe your style?

A. Semi formal is my thing, I live for consistency.

B. Casual all day, everyday!

C. Look up sassy and sexy in the dictionary and you will see my face! 


5. Which word describes your personality most?

A. Independent

B. Comitted

C. Adventurous


6. What are your career goals?

A. Work my way to the CEO's desk

B. Be the best home executive

c. Marry rich darling!


7. What's the best compliment you have ever received?

A. Great job, you might be ready to be partner at the firm!

B. Delicious food, babe. 

C. You look like money


8. What's your idea of fun? 

A. A work conference

B. A family getaway with the kids

C. Dubai trips 


9. Your friends come to you for:

A. For career advice

B. For love advice

C. For a good time! 


10. What car do your drive?

A. A luxury car

B. Cars are a waste of money, I would rather save for rainy days.

C. A luxury car, bae got me. 

Mostly A's – Brenda 

You are a career driven beast, you strive for success although money is not the most important thing to you. You don't have much dating experience, so the dating game overwhelms you. However, people are naturally drawn to you for your warmth and consistency. Your friends can rely on you, day and night!

Mostly B's – Thembi

You are comitted to everything you do and you put the needs of others before your own which makes you a good lover and friend! You are headstrong and you would kill for those around you. However, you know when it's time to put your needs first. You take care of your girls, and love them without judgement. 

Mostly C's – Lesego 

You are the life of the party and you make your girls feel good! You don't like to be defined or confined and you are unapologetically you! You love the life the finer things in life, and everything about you says you are destined for greatness! 

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