When love takes over

11 September 2017
Who knew that true love could be found within the evils of Phel'umoya. Which couple are you rooting for?
isthunzi when love takes over

It has been nothing short of a struggle for the ninjas in Phel'umoya. At time, they could not even find love at home. The only love they had was the one that binds their friendship. However, in a twist of fate it seems true love has come to the Phel'umoya ninjas before they have even realised their fairytale endings. 

Winnie and Lebone....aka Wibone

It is the never ending love story. They met many moons ago in a club in what was for Lebone a surprise but for Winnie an orchestrated impromptu first date. The rest, as they say, is history. Winnie is a woman who knows what she wants and she has always loved Lebone. But we have never seen her as vulnerable as she was with Lebone last night. Lebone gave up his engagement with Gugu the doctor to drive all the way to Phel'umoya for the love of his life. When he finally arrived like he should have the first time, Winnie accepted him with open arms and showed him a part of herself she had never shown to anyone. It seems this pair was made for life!

Thishiwe and Casper

Somehow, Thishiwe and Casper are both the most unlikely and likely couple in Phel'moya. Outcasted because she is the child of a presumed witch and outcasted because he washes dead bodies, the two have come together to give each other the love and friendship they have rarely experienced. In the beginning it seemed Thishiwe had no interest in Casper, but after he proved his love for her, going as far as to save her mother, there was no denying that Casper was someone worth giving a few moments to. Could this be the beginning of true love for Thishiwe and Casper?

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Londi and Duke....and Anele

Londi's problems seem to be multiplying just as the ninjas are getting closer to their happy ending. Londi was forced to leave the love of her life Anele and return to her sickly retired husband to take care of him. It was difficult decision for her and Anele to make. However, now it seems Londi is slowly forgetting about her life with Anele as Duke makes effort to be a better man than he has ever been. Can Londi trust Duke and give up on the reliable and loving Anele? Which one of them has Londi's heart...Anele or Duke? 


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