The Queen: When love takes over

31 May 2017
The most unlikely lovebirds could be the beginning of a Romeo and Juliet tragic love story.
the queen when love takes over

The Khozas and the Maakes seem unable to ever escape each other. Whether they are bound together by hate or bound together by love, their lives are inextricably linked. The latest bond that brings them together is Kea and Kwanele's new, fresh and ever so strong love. Will it end in the same poignant and tragic manner as that of Romeo and Juliet? Or can Kea and Kwanele's love bring the two families closer together?

Boy meets girl

They met at the Khoza Trucking depot. It was love at first sight for Kwanele but Kea Khoza was quick to remind him of his place as employee when she threw her car keys in his face and instructed him to wash her car. Being a lovesick puppy, Kwanele was quick to oblige. No one could ever imagined that such simple and uneven beginnings could be the budding of a true love. 

Falling in love

Kea was never ready for the love, attention and affection that Kwanele would give her. She was also never ready to fall in love with one of the family's truck drivers. However, when he came all the way to the Khoza house to give her the R2000 perfume he had purchasedo n loan to woo her, she admitted that no man had ever extended such a kind gesture to her. 

The rest is something of lovers history. Although it was not without hiccups. 

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The beginning of tragedy and hiccups

The truth can set one free or open Pandora's box. Time will tell what effect the truth will have on Kea and Kwanele. With him having confessed that he is the nephew of the infamous Jerry Maake, it would seem that Keanele is headed for the same fate as Amo and Kagiso. Or can these two somehow come together to build a different outcome?

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Will Kea and Kwanele get the support they need for their love to grow? What does fate and cupid have in store for what seems like a love doomed to fail? Can Keanele ever be a real and forever thing?

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