What to watch on Showmax this week

23 February 2021
It’s not a crime to watch a movie or series during that Zoom call, so here’s what you need to be watching while pretending to work this week.
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All your favourite telenovelas

You’ve heard how wonderful telenovelas like Isibaya, The Queen and Gomora are but you just haven’t had a chance to watch them yourself and you’re worried you’ve fallen too far behind? It’s never too late with Showmax! Watch all the previous episodes and seasons of your favourite telenovelas from as early as the very first episode on Showmax.

All your favourite dramas

Joyce has finally found her daughter on Mzali Wam meanwhile Mndeni’s confession has dire consequences for himself and the brotherhood on eHostela. So much drama so little time to watch it all live on some days.

You can watch all the episodes of #MzaliWam season and #eHostelaMzansi season one and two to date on Showmax.

All your favourite reality

If real people, real families and real experiences is what you like to binge look no further than our variety of reality television shows. If you love to watch a quintessential African family, watch #TheRanakas season one to four on Showmax.

If unfolding love stories is your thing in the moth of love, then Mnakwethu Happily Ever After? Is your thing!

Or maybe you are moved by those who have been #Abandoned looking for their long-lost parents? We’ve got you covered on Showmax.

Make every day a Mzansi weekend!

You don’t only have to watch Date my Family, Idols SA and Our Perfect Wedding on Sundays. With Showmax, all previous episodes and seasons of your favourite Sunday shows are just waiting for you to binge them.

So maybe today you want to work hard and be focused in the virtual work meeting, but some days you just want to switch off your video and mic and sneak in some Showmax binging instead.