Wedding Week on Mzansi Magic!

28 March 2017
Don't miss the Khoza wedding on The Queen and the Khumalo wedding on Saints and Sinners!

Mzansi Magic has got wedding fever this week! With two weddings all happening on your screen this week it's a little bit of love and convenience in the air depending on which wedding you're talking about. One thing is for sure, both weddings of couples quick to rysh to the altar and big Zulu ceremonies. The questions is: With all the drama, who will make it to the altar and actually be wed?

Here is a sneak peak into the two weddings this week:

The Khozas: Harriet weds Brutus

It is the most unlikely union on Mzansi Magic right now. Who would have ever thought the Khoza cocaine ice-queen would be overthrown and Brutus would take over. As if that is not surprise enough, no one could have guessed that in an effort to cement his role as the Khoza don and patriarch, Brutus would force Harriet into marriage. 

They say a chord of three knots is stronger than one or two...if this marriage were to take place it would be a weak tie to bring the Khoza family together through Harriet defensive anger, Brutus's power-hungry vendetta and the family's backstabbing. 

Here is what to look forward to at the Khoza wedding: 

34 sneak 1  004 pre

34 sneak 2  004 pre

34 wedding 3  009 pre

The Khumalos: Ndumiso weds Ntombi

They are the cutust couple! So bae and we are loving them about as much as they are loving each other. From the moment Ndumiso laid eyes on ntombi in his father's shop, he fell in love. It may have taken a bit of a nudging and pushing to get him to make the move but in time their love proved to be stronger than any fears he might have had. 

Theirs' is a simple but beautiful love. Boy meets girl, falls in love and within a few months they are making their way to the altar. However, the lurking drama around Ndumi's family will prove to be their tests. Will Mamohato accept the wedding or will she do something to stop it? How far is Phakamani from finally getting revenge on Mamohato?

Here is a peak into their beautiful Zulu ceremony:

34 wedding 1  004 pre

34 wedding 5  004 pre

34 wedding 2  004 pre

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