Wedding traditions around the world

11 June 2015
Wedding traditions around the world Image : 488
There are many ways to say, "I do", and around the world, it's done differently. Here are some wedding traditions from different around the world.

Jamaica Wedding Traditions
At the wedding reception, the traditional cake is a dark fruitcake made liberally with rum. After the reception, the bride and groom send the remaining slices of the wedding cake to friends and relatives who were not able to attend.

Jewish Wedding Traditions
Jewish weddings have many traditions, including the signing of the wedding contract by the bride and groom, which is called a Ketubah. It is then framed and hung in the couple’s home.After the vows and seven blessings are read, the groom crushes a wine glass to symbolize the fragility of human happiness. A lively Israeli dance called the "Hora" is performed at the reception.

India Wedding Traditions
A part of the wedding ceremony features the bride’s mother and father washing the couple’s feet with water and milk in order to purify them for the journey of their new life together.During the ceremony the couple also holds grains of rice, oats and green leaves in their hands which signify good health, wealth and happiness.

Philippines Wedding Traditions
Culture early customs required the groom to throw a spear onto the front porch steps of his fiancé’s home as a dramatic statement that she belongs to him. In the past weddings lasted as long as 3 days with ceremonies performed each day, until the 3rd day when the couple would join hands and declare their love for one another 3 times. This was followed by the binding of their hands by a priest, who then declared them married.

Yemen Wedding Traditions

The Yemeni wedding celebration includes the entire community and features a musical celebration where guests as well as professional musicians "gladden the bride" on her wedding day. The day also includes the women in the family preparing a feast for the wedding reception with traditional sweetened fritters and donuts which symbolize a "sweet life" for the newlyweds.

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