Wedding speech oopies

26 September 2017
Moments when you wish you could mute the guest giving the speech/toast
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Wedding speeches can be a lot of things for the newlyweds. It could either be heart-warming, funny and sometimes, border on the awkward side. Here’s some of the guests that as newlyweds, you probably wish you could mute, should they go way off line while giving their speech.

The overbearing uncle/auntie

There’s one in every family, and it’s probably impossible to exclude them from the guest list. They are after all family and you can’t help but cringe when they let it slip just how awkward a child you were and how the “family” thought you’d never get married. The worst they could say is something along the lines of making sure the bride does not embarrass the family. 

The over-protective friend

Now, the bride’s friend has seen the couple go through the most and has probably been itching to give the groom a piece of their mind all these years but couldn’t quite get around doing it. Bring in a few sips of that wedding champagne, and all that “holding back” goes out the window! The worst they could say is, “You (groom) hurt me friend, we (the bride’s squad) will hurt you!”   

The groom’s best friend

He’s clued up on everything about the couple, including the fact they’re expecting a baby in a couple of months, while the families are probably clueless. The worst they could do is to congratulate the new parents and pledge to be an awesome uncle to their child, leaving both family and friends stunned.

Wedding speeches/toasts are not all that bad though and we trust we’ve all heard some pretty amazing ones in our lifetime. Share some of your experiences by dropping your comment below.

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