Wedding day emergencies and how to solve them

12 November 2015
Wedding day emergencies and how to solve them Image : 699
Even the most well planned weddings fall victim to wedding day disasters. But when the worst happenms, there's no need to see it as an omen and cancel the wedding! There are simple, effective ways to deal with wedding day disasters.

You spill red wine on your dress

Gently dab—don't rub!—the stain with a moistened napkin. You can use water or club soda, but the key thing here is the dabbing. After the area dries, you can use a piece of chalk or baby powder to gently cover any parts of the stain the club soda didn't remove.

The strap on your wedding dress breaks

Make sure you buy a sewing kit before your wedding day, and track down a bit of thread that matches your wedding dress. You can always sew the strap back into place or use use a safety pin to attach it.

Your mascara runs
If your mascara is not water resistant, chances are it will run. If this happens, use a wet Q-Tip to remove the mascara. Be prepared to touch up your under eye with concealer, foundation and setting powder as well. If water doesn't do the trick, you can try something with a bit of grease.

You break the heel on your shoe
Make sure your shoes are not poorly made. Practice walking in them a few days before the wedding to scuff up the soles a bit. This will help to prevent any slips or falls. If you do break a heel, all hope is not lost. Bring a hot glue gun, and then you can glue the heel back together.

One of your bridesmaids has out of control cleavage
Work with your planner to find a solution you can live with—if it can be covered by a stylish wrap, eliminated by a strategic safety pin, or managed by fashion tape, then ask your bridesmaid to cover it up and give her the supplies to do so. (All of these items come standard if any wedding planner's emergency kit.) If it is beyond help, you have to determine what is more important—addressing the issue or maintaining peace. All eyes will be on your anyway, and great friends should be cherished—bosom and all.

You have uncontrollable hiccups

Swallow repeatedly and then drink a glass of water while plugging your ears. It sounds hilarious, and you'll probably look silly, but it works!

The zipper on your dress breaks

Safety pins, it seems, couldn't be more valuable when it comes to curing wedding-day beauty emergencies big and small. Here's one more reason why you may want to stick more than one in your clutch: zipper malfunctions.

"Just before she walked down the aisle," Jessica Harris recalls, "a dainty little grandmother approached me and motioned to the back of her dress where the full length zipper was broken from neck to tailbone! We delayed the beginning of the ceremony so I could use large safety pins to secure her dress from the inside. No one could see the safety pins, and she walked down the aisle without giving the other guests a show."

You get a run in your stockings

Clear nail polish often helps with this. But if you're really freaked-out at the size of the snag, ditch the stockings altogether! Just make sure your legs are moisturized—no flaky flakes or ashy knees!

Source: www.brides.com

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