The Bonang and Pinky Sistahood! – Being Bonang

22 January 2019
Five reasons to love their beautiful relationship!
being bonang and pinky

We all have that favourite cousin who is basically more like a sister than anything else! We are loving Bonang's fav cousin Pinky girl and how the two just love each other! Here are five reason to love their beautiful relationship! 

1. They do a lot together! 

The one thing that makes an awesome cousinship, is doing pretty much everything together! We love how Pinky Girl and Bonang can be seen enjoy lunch dates, dinner dates and overseas trips together! 

2. They do selfies and photo shoots together! 

If your cousin has not taken a selfie or done a photo shoot with you...is she really even your cousin? 

3. They celebrate each other's birthdays...hard! 

Siblings and cousin are probably the first friends we have and the best friends to party hard with! We love how Bonang and Pinky Girl know how to have a good time to celebrate being crowned a year older every year! 

4. They stan for each other.

No jealousy and cat fighting here, these ladies only want the best for each other and for each one to slay hard all day! 

5. They laugh so hard together, they became a MEME! 

You haven't lived until you have laughed to tears at someone or something with your cousin and bestie and you both became a Mzansi MEME!


Are you also a fan of Bonang and Pinky Girl's relationship? Are you also besties with your fav cousin? 

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