Vuyiswa and Lawrence's love story – OPW

29 December 2019
When Lawrence saw Vuyiswa for the first time, it was her beauty that captivated him.
Vuyiswa & Lawrence1

"It was 16th of December 2008 and I was bored at my place, sitting and doing nothing," says Lawrence Itumeleng Dipudi (33), originally from Rustenburg but staying in Randpark Ridge in Randburg. "I decided to visit my friend in Braamfischerville. And then I saw a very beautiful young lady dancing on the floor. I winked at her and asked her to step outside with me. I went outside, but she didn’t follow me."

That beautiful lady was Vuyiswa Magayana (31), originally from the Eastern Cape who also lives in Randpark Ridge in Randburg. She says she noticed him long before he winked at her. "But obviously I was like, I got my pride, I am a woman, he had to make the first move."

"I was all alone outside and cold," he says.

"My heart said I should go, but I said no," she says.

"I went back inside and I was pretty upset."

Vuyiswa says:  "I could see that the expression on his face had changed. I looked at him and told him to go outside again. He said I should go out first, then I went out. I think I was outside for two minutes, and I was about to go back inside because I thought he wasn’t coming out. Just as I was about to do back in, I met him at the door on his way out. I turned back when I saw him coming.

With a smile, Lawrence says: "Once bitten, twice shy." They agreed to meet the next day, and he got her cake and juice. But he was writing his board exam so he also dedicated time to his studies.

"What I loved about him is that he puts me first. Sometimes it hurts because I’ve never had that love before, for someone to love me more than they love themselves. The love he gave me was overwhelming. It was something I wasn’t familiar with," she says.

Lawrence says: "What I love about her… is that she completes me. I see myself as a reserved person, and she is out there," hearing this, she smiles. He continues: "She always pushes me out of my boundaries. What irritates me is that she is very bossy. What we fight about most of the time is about my work.

Vuyiswa says he doesn't like  confrontation. "I believe in dealing with issues immediately. I will not go to bed until I sort it out. I am a talker. When I don’t like something, I want to talk about it"

Lawrence chides her: "You always talk. You always talk. Yoh!"

After she became pregnant with their firstborn, she opened up to him about being adopted. "As we were undergoing counselling, I realised that it was good she didn’t tell me because at that time I was immature and I was going to run very far," he says with widening eyes. 

The other challenge they face is that despite saving for the wedding for two years, the wedding planner attempted suicide before their big day and was in the hospital.

"He squandered a whole R350 000," she says. "We had to run around the bank to ask for a loan. When Our Perfect Wedding got here and waited outside for two hours, we were at the bank. We were pleading with the bank for a loan because we can’t postpone. I felt I wanted to share this great experience and everything I’ve been through to encourage others who might be afraid to say I was adopted and talk about their background."

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