Vinny's House: Sean McCabe's Bristol fire

27 January 2015
Vinny's House: Sean McCabe's Bristol fire Image : 245

Bristol-based producer and remix king, Sean McCabe, showed up and showed off during his guest mix on Vinny’s House this weekend.

Kicking things off at 19:00 was the man of the house, music legend Vinny Da Vinci, who displayed excellence on the ‘ones and twos’. His set brought tears to many eyes, while the thumping bassline managed to help inspire others to reevaluate friendships, you know, like good music should!
Once the stage had been set, the red carpet was rolled out for one of the hottest producers in the game to do his thing and boy was it a sight to see.

Speaking of “epic”, how does Vinny Da Vinci manage to snag such incredible local and global talent for Vinny’s House?

Global, or bust

Vinny's House airs every Saturday, from 19:00 t0 21:00, only on Mzansi Magic Music (DStv channel 321)