Utatakho gets off to a booming start

08 July 2015
Utatakho gets off to a booming start Image : 521
It's definitely the show that Mzansi has been waiting for and the firm favourite, Zola brought it all in. On the seventh day of the seventh month at seven thirty, Zola 7 was ready to tackle one of Mzansi's thorniest issues, paternity.

Certainly an emotional ride for the families featured in the launch episode and for the viewers equally, Utatakho took over the conversation on social media last night.

Rockville star, Boity was really excited for the show:

How could Mamokete's mother have kept the secret of her biological father for so long? Did she really just want to know why her parents broke up? Are there still any fathers out there like Mamokete's stepfather who raised her like his own for all her life? Should we be happy that Mabina, the mother's cousin has been cleared from the equation or wonder why and how she slept with him? These were just a few of the questions provoked by the first episode on Utatakho. Big Brother Mzansi winner, Mandla was happy to see Mzolisto doing what he does best:

Viewers celebrated Mamokete's stepfather for stepping up the plate and being every bit the father that she needed all her life, and restored faith in humanity.

Something really puzzled Ms Lelo B. At what point does a relationship qualify to be referred to as 'long'?:

Did we mention that Utatakho was trending in all directions?

So the DNA test results proved that Mamokete's late uncle Mabina was not the man who fathered her. The question still remains, who is her real father?

Read Zola's blog on the launch episode.

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