Tshidi and Nhlanhla’s Big Day

02 April 2018
All the elements that went into making their wedding perfect.
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After going to great lengths to win Tshidi over, Nhlanhla had to ensure their wedding was nothing less than perfect.

Part of the items that would make their wedding perfect included Nhlanhla’s suit, Tshidi’s wedding gown and of course, the décor.

Two days before the wedding, the couple and their entourage checked up on their décor. Now, Tshidi and Nhlanhla had only given the décor designer their theme colour with no specific design to work with. It was a design they couldn’t say “no” to.  

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Tshidi had a bit of an emotional fitting, as it reminded her of her late grandmother, whom she was very fond of. She looked beautiful in her ball gown, like a princess!

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We weren’t supposed to see Nhlanhla’s suit until the wedding day but his excitement got the better of him. He and his groomsmen threw in happy socks to complete the look.

And with that, they ticked off all the items on their Wish List and had a beautiful wedding.

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