Top Mzansi makeovers we’ve had – Mzansi Cribs Makeovers

01 April 2021
Changing lives one room at a time!
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We’re 10 episodes in on one of the best best Mzansi Magic shows that has taken over people’s living rooms every Thursday night at 9:30pm. The host with the most, TT Mbha is no stranger to the world of all things homes and since he took over this role of a presenter we’ve loved every minute of it as him and the Mzansi Cribs Makeover team have been changing people’s lives one room at a time. 🔥


The show has made it to the Top 20 most watched shows on Mzansi Magic at number 11 and we thought we should look back at some of the best makeover we’ve seen so far because why not?!


Number 5

A story of sisterly love that left us in our feelings okay! What do you do for someone who is completely selfless, goes out of their way to help others, always ready to help with work and school opportunities? You of course put her first and make sure that she gets the biggest spoil of her life and such was the case when Sarah from Sharpeville did the things and made this all possible for her deserving sister, Winnie.

The team did the most here and left us in awe of the amazing work that they do.


Number 4

Fancy fancy, that’s what comes to mind immediately when you see this amazing bathroom transformation. This amazing makeover represented everything that Gogo needed, greater happiness and a safer place to relax.  


Number 3

Nigel, the South East of Johannesburg is where this beautiful kitchen makeover took place for Nomhle’s mother. She wanted her mother to be celebrated for once as she does so much for other people and a grand celebration is what she got with a gorgeous kitchen to match. Oh and her reaction? It was beyond amazing and left us chopping onions.


Number 2

After all the loss that Pamela Sibeko suffered, she had and aunt and uncle who have been her saving grace and helped her overcome it. All she ever wanted to do was to give back to her aunt and the Mzansi Cribs Makeover made it all possible. The episode was full of tears, stunning office space and a team that should be very proud, we stan!


Number 1

The show premiered with a banger of an episode and set the tone for what was to come. This makeover brought all the feels as Koko’s bedroom and bathroom ended up being something completely out of this world and her reaction that was filled so much gratitude left many people in tears. The team gave it their all, the host was present and caring in every way and made Koko so comfortable and the results just simply amazing.


Grandmothers should be protected at all costs and Koko Anna’s grandchildren made sure that she knows she’s loved and appreciated.


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