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30 June 2019
These tips will help you beat your winter wedding blues.

Winter weddings have been seen as quite an anomaly in the past, but over the last 5 years we have seen the winter wedding trend pick up. Regardless of the cold, these winter weddings have proven they can be quite an exquisite affair. Here are four tips to make sure your winter wedding is just as breath-taking.

1. Great lighting is essential

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With the sun setting earlier in the winter, an afternoon reception wouldn't be such a bad thing. Great lighting creates an intimate feeling with guests and makes it just a tad more romantic. Stylish fairy lights ( stay away from colour) draped over the table or low hanging lights from the ceiling are this winter season's trend. A great way to make an accessory out of necessity! 

2. Keep it intimate

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A big venue might sound like a great idea for the summer, but it has the opposite affect in the winter. In the winter, you might want to consider a cozy and intimate venue that will improve the ambiance and have your guest heated up. Small doesn't have to be unluminous and unluxurious. Avoid the round tables and go for long tables, this will stack your guests together and making it more inclusive. 

3. Winter colours for the mix

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When it comes to decor and a good winter bonquet, it's advisable to stay away from the bright pinks, bright yellows and loud colours.  Opt for the burgundy, emerald, golds and the cream white bases. Teaming this up with a rustic wedding will give your wedding a winter majestic feeling. 

4. Make it winterful and customise

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You can take the traditional parts of your wedding and put a winter edge to them.  Customising for winter is a fun way to make your wedding day memorable, not just for you but for your guests. You can create a cocoa hot stand, or coffee bar mixed with hard liquor mixes on request. From having  dessert stations, using creative labels, offering themed colour blankets to guests - there's really so much to do.

If you’re planning a winter wedding, make sure you have fun with it by experimenting and still keeping things classy. This also means your guests can wear that white mink coat they've been meaning to wear with no judgments! 

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