The Queen: To love or not to love

22 June 2017
Short love affairs, broken hearts and who's love will last?
to love or not to love

The Khoza house is heartbreak hotel. Love after love has faced challenges and fallen by the wayside. Is there hope for true love in a drug dealer's home?


Romantic love is not an esay find in the Khoza house. Ever since the tragic end of Harriet and Mzi Khoza's love, which culminated in infidelity and death, it would seem no one can find true love in the Khoza house. Maybe the Khozas have exchanged money and power for a dark cloud of lovelessness hanging over their heads. 

First, it was the rollercoaster love of Amo and Kagiso. Just when they thought they had it figured it out, the rift between their families pushed them further apart. 

Now a new love between the Khoza and Maake children is brewing. Kea and Kwanele have fallen deep in love and tragedy may be waiting for them in similar fate to that of Amo and Kagiso. Either their love will tear their families apart or hurt them in ways they never imagined. Although, there may be hope for Keanele with Boi giving them her blessing to continue dating...

Will Kea and Kwanele withstand the feud between their families? Can Boi's blessing keep them together forever? Or will pride get in the way and stop Kea and Kwanele from being together? 

Brutus and Dolly

It had to be the most unlikely but electric relationship. The ever entertaining Brutus with the effervescent Dolly. They were like Potassium and water, instant reaction and attraction. However, like most spontaneous reactions, they did not last long. With Dolly being a free spirit and Brutus running an illegal family business, bogging down Dolly would have been difficult. Even if, Brutus was ready to put a ring on it! Is there future hope for Brutus and Dolly?

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Will Dolly come back for Brutus? Will Mzansi's favourite couple ever be seen loving each other again? Or will Brutus Skakespeare remain an unattached bachelor forever?

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