Tips to save on your wedding

26 March 2015
There are fun and easy ways to save on your wedding wishlist without making major compromises.
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Like all couples on Our Perfect Wedding, every bride and groom always has a wedding wishlist for their big day. Fortunately, there are fun and easy ways to cut costs on your wedding wishlist without making major compromises.

Here are some great ideas to help you out.


Sometimes elegant and simple is the way to go. When buying your wedding attire go for something simple and not too elaborate. You can dress up a plain wedding dress in unique and creative ways. Try to also check out different shops and boutiques before you buy the actual attire, this allows you to compare prices.

Wedding rings

Get a tattoo! Yes we said it, not only is this different, you get to live in the moment and will have the tattoo forever. The bill doesn’t come with the diamond cuts, carat and resizing. There are no extra costs. If you really want a wedding ring, you can always buy it at a later stage or when you celebrate your one-year anniversary.


Price depends on the style of the cake. Make sure that the decoration and design is simple but is still the classiest. You can also request that the bottom tiers of the cake be made out of cardboard and the real cake to be the top tiers. Creativity does not have to be expensive.


If you can’t afford a rental car or limo – or simply want to spend the money on other costs – ask your family members or friends to transport you on your wedding day. They won’t have a reason to say no because they will be at the wedding anyway.


When getting quotes for the centerpieces, chair covers, draping and other items for the wedding decor, tell the person who you are consulting with that you’ve also received quotes from other potential vendors. If you mention this and the quotation costs, the price they give you is often cheaper or it can be negotiated.

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