Tips: Keep The weight Off

20 February 2015
Tips: Keep The weight Off Image : 402
Losing weight is one of the best feelings in the world. But once you have reached your target weight, how easy is it to keep the weight off? Making changes to your lifestyle and diet is a good start and keeping to it for the rest of your life will help you achieve this.

Here are a five tips, as seen on nhs.co.uk

1.Stick to lower-calorie eating - A lower-fat, higher-protein diet has helps many people maintain their weight loss. According to science, protein-rich meals make you feel fuller more quickly, making you less likely to snack between meals.

2.Eat breakfast - Skipping breakfast is the ultimate no-no. When you are hungry, you are more likely to get hungry quicker and snack between meals. Having breakfast can help you control their weight.

3.Stay active – Staying active and building up your physical activity levels is all the difference between putting the weight back on or remaining limber and lithe. If you walk regularly, think about running.

4.Watch your weight. Weigh yourself regularly so you can keep a close eye on any changes to your weight.

5.Keep it interesting - If you feel yourself slipping back into your old ways adding a bit of spice in your routine will do wonders for you. This can include buying cookbooks that encourage healthy eating, or signing up for a new activity.