Thulisile and Lazarus’s Big Day

04 September 2017
All the things that went into making it their perfect wedding.
perfect wedding

It is often said that he who is patient comes out victorious in the end. Lazarus bears witness of this, for having gone through a lot of challenges to be with his sweetheart Thulisile, he couldn’t be happier that the wedding day finally arrived.

The couple met at a church gathering. Lazarus was immediately drawn to her beauty and roped in his friend to help in the courtship process. Thulisile gave him a tough time at first and when she finally gave in, the real challenge began! Her family was totally against their relationship and it was only until he paid lobola that the family started warming up to him. There was also a bit of ex-girlfriend drama.

The couple has really gone through some challenging times, and it came as no surprise that they wanted only the best on their big day, with the brides dress, the grooms suit and the cake at the top of their priority list.

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First up on the couple’s checklist was the bride’s second dress fitting. She had a few concerns about it at first, nothing the seamstress couldn’t sort out, and she went home quite relieved. The groom looked dashing in his suit, as he tried it out after the bride’s fitting.

Next up was cake tasting, and boy did they love the various cake flavours! It was ticks all around, as they dug in and enjoyed the red velvet, vanilla and fruit cake flavours.

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With that, the happy couple ticked all three items on their wish list and had a perfect wedding.


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