This Week On S'funukwazi

11 August 2014
Guests discuss topics ranging from lifestyle, health to careers.
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S'funukwazi is an energetic, insightful talk show that deals with real issues affecting real people.

Every week, guests will interact with the audience, discussing topics ranging from lifestyle, health to careers. Celebrities will also be brought in to talk about their work and share with the audience the highs and lows of the entertainment industry.

Here's what to look forward to this week:

Abused becoming the Abuser (11 AUG) We unpack the term “hurt people hurt people”. In a country that has a violent history such as ours; that violence has overlapped into our immediate communities. Linda looks at the ripple effect and vicious cycle of abuse and violence.
Andile Ncube (12 AUG) We’re looking at Andile Ncube’s journey in television, from music and now sports. We also find out about his new bride and being a newlywed.
Witchcraft (13 AUG) Does witchcraft exist? How does it work? Who practices it? These are the questions Linda is asking our guests.
Young at Heart (14 AUG) We are looking at celebrities who have been in the entertainment industry for long and are still maintaining their youthful characters even though they are ageing.