This Week on Mzansi Magic: 17 – 23 August 2015

17 August 2015
This Week on Mzansi Magic:  17 – 23 August 2015 Image : 574

Spring is on our door step and the days are getting warmer and brighter! Mzansi Magic continues to be relevant to your viewing interests and also promises to brighten your days, all day, every day with the best shows in Mzansi! Have a look below at what we have in store for you this week:

On Isibaya, Samson offers to help Sbu with a problem that’s dear to his heart. Ding Ding gets on the wrong side of the law. Bhekifa continues to plant the seed of deceit. Duma investigates Samson. Bhekifa is a man with a devious plan and no one seems to be aware. Sbu takes care of his wife’s safety. The Zungus prepare to say their goodbyes while Fezile and his men are tight on security. Bhekifa reveals his true pain. Isibaya is on weekdays at 20:30.

Zabalaza airs from Monday to Friday at 21:00. On Zabalaza this week, Sydney tries to get KG back while Victoria plots KG’s downfall. Lindi and Ray are back in love but Ray is scheming behind her back. Meanwhile, Sydney is still trying to win KG back. Lexie blows off Moss. Both Slick Vic and Mo Events are working on the Miss Kasi pitch. Sydney gets new damning evidence on Victoria.

Sopranos Season 1 is on at 21:30, on Monday. After stealing the "sacramental wine" from the school chapel, Anthony Jr. is suspended, and the school's psychologist says he might have Attention Deficit Disorder. Tony is concerned that his bad influence is responsible for Anthony Jr.'s behaviour, and has a series of disturbing flashbacks in which he remembers learning, as a young boy, that his own father was in the mob.

Catch your Tuesday night movie at 22:30. On Blessed and Cursed, a talented gospel singer puts his dreams on hold when he is offered the opportunity to work at the biggest church in the city but an envious bishop tries to destroy his reputation. Starring Kierra Kiki Sheard.

Single and Committed plays on Wednesday at 22:30. A group of longtime friends find it difficult to balance their relationships with their friendship. Eventually, they are forced to choose between the two. Starring Farah Tlhoaele.

Kota Life Crisis Season 2 continues on Thursday at 18:30. Sdu temporarily loses his memory while Gaylard and Cassius exploit the situation for their own entertainment.

On Friday we have our latest drama series, It’s Complicated at 19:30. On the next episode, Ipeleng goes into battle mode to try to regain lost ground and rallies support of her allies; Thato entrenches his new life with a new love. Matli’s dreams of a family are shattered. Thabang is worried about Mandisa treating Vumani’s Injury. Ipeleng gets real, and gets rewarded for it.

Your Saturday night movie is Down to Earth and plays at 20:30. Chris Rock is the signature funny man in this hilarious comedy about a young man who is accidentally resurrected as a grumpy old millionaire who finds his life totally changed.

On Sunday, IdolsSa is on at 17:00. The judges need to make their final selection for the top 16. Who will make the cut and have the honour of singing for South Africa’s votes, and whose dream will end inside the intimidating Sun City Superbowl? Don’t miss it!

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