The Road: There is a new man in town

21 October 2015
The Road: There is a new man in town Image : 669
Following the death of Zwelakhe, owner of Bambatha Productions, comes an unexpected guest who shakes things up in Kofifi. Themba Mashinini Senior played by Darlington Michaels makes his debut in the modern world on The Road.

Catch this charismatic, gallant acting legend as he takes viewers on a highly dramatic journey about finding his long lost love interest. He is no stranger to our television screens, Darlington Michaels has been on a number of TV dramas series and movies. In this particular role, Darlington Michaels plays Themba Mashinini (SNR), a character that takes the viewers on a journey of self-discovery, love and wealth.

Since he was a young boy, Themba idolised his father, this until he spotted him failing to defend himself from government oppression. From that moment onwards he viewed his father as a coward, thus strengthening his resilience and leading to him doing all he can to stand out and make a mark of his own. He then goes on a quest to claim all that belongs to him.

Themba Mashinini Senior arrives at Bambatha Studios as a mysterious old man looking for Zwelakhe Masondo. It soon becomes clear that he knows a lot more about Kofifi, later it is discovered that this mysterious old man has been sleeping on the set of Kofifi- much to Desmond’s dismay, who is furious that he has been tricked. Themba then reveals his real identity to Desmond, telling him that he is Themba Mashinini, he also alludes to the love story between Stella and himself. For him, Stella was the true love of his life. Themba finds it extremely hard to convince Desmond of his true identity, which leads to him being kicked out. He later comes back to claim his stake on Kofifi- the story of his life. Will he ever find his Stella?

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