The Ultimate #UltimateHouseParty Memes (Part 1)!

27 April 2018
All the best tweets from the season so far.
Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.04.55

In episode 1, Leo was having a laugh about the food choices.

As was Naobian Queen.

Patience’s poor MCing also got LOLs.

The suggestion that Mgarimbe might be broke – which is why he was missing the party – was greeted with hilarity.

Bontle was amped about episode 2!

And so was Lorraine.

Obakeng caught the eye.

Muntu’s confidence was under scrutiny.

But it soon became clear that it was misplaced.

Bontle was also starting to be adored!

She also explained some rules.

Ahead of episode 3, Don Dada was always ready!

While his ultimate party opponent, Musa, was raising eyebrows.

And you at home were getting into the party spirit!

Lethabo also got a shout-out.

Jose’s β€˜bad bad’ theme in ep 4 confused many.

His guest was supposed to be Sammy Sosa.

But it was Don’s grill that got the biggest laugh!

Even Cassper Nyovest is a fan!

But it was OD’s party that got the seal of approval.

And it seems like Jose has a likeness!

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