The roller coaster ride so far – S’jola Sonke

17 May 2023
No one said the road to finding their ideal partner would be perfect.
S'jola Sonke roller coaster article

The couples came into the villa with the utmost enthusiasm for the journey, but they had no idea that it would get as rocky as it has gotten so far.

The controlling chat

It all started when Juju had a private conversation with Mandisa about some of his worries in his relationship with Kwanele not knowing that a burning questions game would soon follow. The past got rehashed about Kwanele’s controlling ways and saw the pair go into a spiral that no one saw coming. 😩

Tswyza gave Mandisa the chance to fire away and sis did not hold back on anything, she needed Juju to let the house know if whether Kwanele’s ways would be sustainable long term but instead of getting a straight answer, they both needed to defend and convince the villa that they have an understanding. This went on to see them have a discussion of how it started and why before agreeing that certain concerns about their relationship and any changes that arise while they look for a partner should be discussed and remain between the two of them. Hectic!


Sharing with the wrong person

If we are being real though, the shakiness of it all for Rainbow and Test started on the first night already when she went and kissed Kwanele and Test didn’t find anything good in that, even though they came to find an addition to their relationship.

In this here situation, the pair had found what looked like their person in the villa named Lungile who went on her first date with Rainbow while Test was back at the villa getting to know Chi-chi a little better. Things took a turn when Test let it slip to Chi-chi that him and Rainbow aren’t really into Lungile, they went on to make it worse by throwing her over to Hope instead of being upfront about it. Needless to say, when Lungile found out she was mad which frustrated Rainbow because she didn’t understand why Test had to talk to Chi-chi about it in the first place. What took place next wasn’t pleasant for everyone involved! 😱


Connecting with different people

Lesego let it be known that Hope can sometimes be too “girly” for her so when the opportunity came for her to go to the playhouse and mingle with the other singles, she was beyond excited. Nosipho caught her eye the first time they met, so seeing her again confirmed that she’s still very much into her because they sealed it all with a kiss, a very intentional kiss at that. 🤭

Now that Hope is tied to Lungile in the house, it was bound to be tricky when the option to bring in some singles into the villa came up. After an unexpected twist during their all-white party, Nosipho finally joined the couple but it was quite obvious that Hope isn’t warming up to her, which was later confirmed when she opted to spend the night with Lungile instead.


The assignment is pretty straight forward but execution was bound to not be so smooth when you bring in another person, but the couples are still very much excited and determined to see it through, and so are we! 😍


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