The Road: Who’s got the power?

05 February 2016
The Road: Who’s got the power? Image : 815
There seemed to be no stopping Kingdom’s greed. The more illicit diamond shipments there were the more innocent lives that paid the cost. Silas was also getting a neat cut from the proceeds so all was well in this underworld. For Salome, however, enough was enough.

After spending her life trying to expose Kingdom for the monster that he is, as well as avenge the massacre of her whole family, Salome had reached the end of her tether. She was going to take matters into her own hands and deal with Kingdom herself.

But she flinched. Staring, dead in the face, the very man that caused the unravelling of her whole life, proved too much for her to handle. When the painful memories all came back like a tide, she lost composure and showed him all her wounds, giving away all her power.

While Salome was able to get away, Kingdom wasn’t going to rest until he silenced her. So she ran to Zakes for help and hiding place.

Zakes’ own life had become a little more complicated after he pursued a spur-of-the-moment romance with Zoe. But it was always clear that Salome was the girl with whom he was truly in love. Also there was a lot he didn’t know about Zoe’s plans too. That she was far from the innocent she pretended to be.

Is Salome dead and what is Zoe going to do with the information that she heard?

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