The Road: Walking a tight rope

10 November 2015
The Road: Walking a tight rope Image : 697

The cornerstone of every and any business is turning a profit. This is easy enough to grasp. But it is clearly easier said than done as we now watch Bambatha enter the red. Not only is has Silas’ underhanded dealing for Fickson, sucked the company of it’s millions, Bra Themba is here to collect the monies that are due to him, since Kofifi is an adaptation of his own manuscript.

All the money problems are resting on Silas’ shrewd shoulders as he now has to pull off another balancing act, to stay out more trouble. But trouble goes looking for him with Godfrey missing in action and Zakes’ eyes on the accounts like a hawk.

He’s picked up significant irregularities and wants answers, fast. Silas has now the spectacular job of pacifying a trigger-happy, blood-thirsty, dollar-hungry Fickson on the left hand, and appeasing a perceptive and paranoid Zakes on the right.

There’s also the “unkown” factor that comes in the form of PR-guru-by-day Salome who moonlights as Deep Throat. Salome, it seems may be an undercover agent on this top secret case and that makes her force that is working against Silas from right under his nose.

No one said that stealing millions everyday would be easy. But how much he going to smuggle before he is caught?

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