The Road: The unravelling of Xolile

04 October 2015
The Road: The unravelling of Xolile Image : 647
Just when you thought you had Silas and Monty pegged as the Zwelakhe Masondo’s killers, guess what Warrant Officer Shezi pulls out of his bag of evidence? A whole pile of dirt on, none other than, Xolile. The calm, collected and ever poised head writer was shown up to be quite a fabricator with a bunch of skeletons in her closet.

Although we know she’d do anything to protect her son, it was she who first pointed a finger at Monty, raising suspicion that, because she found drugs in his bag, he must’ve used the pills to poison his father. While he denied everything, his inflated ego and bloated sense of importance - as well as the way he walked around set as though nothing had happened, as though his father hadn’t just collapsed and died only moments ago – made you wonder.

But never did we expect that Xolie could be sitting on such a bed of secrets. Never did we think that she had more motive than Monty, or even Silas. Thanks to the warrants skillful digging Xolile was brought to the table as a suspect.

As she sat there she went from her trademark unruffled manner to discomfort, to shifty, to downright gobsmacked as Shezi unpacked her misdeeds one after the other, revealing the deeper jealous and scandalous streak in her.

From penning a script called The Perfect Murder under her pseudonym to the suicide of her late best friend Bibi, to her secret addiction to smoking, Xolile tried to spin herself out of her imploding web of deceit, but the warrant was always miles ahead of her.

And what about the restraining order that Zweli apparently took out against her years ago? Isn’t she supposed to be the calmest person on the planet? But they do say that still waters run deep.

That seeds of doubt were planted a plenty but is it enough motive to kill?

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