The Road: The joke on Silas

12 February 2016
The Road: The joke on Silas Image : 825
It’s all come down to this. We are five killings down the road. That’s five bodies left for dead in or near Bambatha and Silas is the latest. Thanks to this alarming body count, It’s officially a grim time to be alive at the office. Anyone and everyone could be next.

No honour

But as much as the deaths have escalated to gruesome status, Silas was always skating a thin line between life and death. There’s only so many times that a man can come back from the brink of death without tipping the point. Something’s got to give. And it did.

The plan was perfect. He would, alongside Zakes and Salome, trick Kingdom into confessing to all his crimes and dirty secrets on camera all while extort dollars in wads of money as recompense for all his pain and suffering.

After expertly editing himself out of the footage, they would upload it onto the Internet, sit back and watch as the high profile government fat cat dug his own grave in an incriminating clip that was sure to go viral. It was a loop-hole-proof plan, until it wasn’t.

Check mate

The trio were overheard plotting and planning, by none other than Zoe. On her own blood-sucking mission to the top by any means necessary, she used the information to blackmail Silas into handing over his piece of the Bambatha cake, or else she would tell Kingdom everything.

What's yours is mine

Of course, she didn’t stick to her word. When Silas woke up to her trick and tried to break free, it was too late. Kingdom’s assassins were already on the way. But what does Silas’ death mean for Deep Throat?

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