The Road: Tempting fate

01 October 2015
The Road: Tempting fate Image : 646
Styles and his gang seem to have promoted themselves from petty crime to big league things - naturally - as they move closer to their big mission to rob the General Dealer. All of this because Themba, in another one of his drunken pity parties, challenged Styles to stop being so timid and seize the day.

Even though Stella and he weren’t seeing eye to eye on things, he had after after only a couple of months in Kofifi, scored the best girl in town, a pozie with Sis Vicky and the job at BEAT magazine as a writer.

In a misguided bid to prove that he too, was a brave go-getting man, Styles gathered his goons Tall-story Tikkie boy and Short boy Kortez for a big time heist. One that involved raiding the General Dealer which was - in the crime-ridden underworld of Sophiatown - the territory of the infamous and famously feared ‘Germans’.

But their plan was full of holes because they didn’t think much beyond the robbery itself. Where would they hide the stolen merchandise? This is where smart-talker Themba comes in as they pour into his modest love-nest and beg him for a hiding-place.

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But they seem stuck in limbo while they figure out their next move.

Back to the present, the cast comes together to mournt the tragic loss of Zwelakhe. While it seems Warrant Officer Shezi is laying low he certainly hasn’t disappeared. He returns after a couple of days of digging into the archives of one troubled ex, Xolile. Tune in tonight to find out what skeletons he’s managed to uncloak from her closet. With all that dirt and motive, She could, very likely, be a killer. But is she Zweli’s killer?

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