The Road: Shezi smells a rat

27 September 2015
The Road: Shezi smells a rat Image : 638
So Zwelakhe Masondo mysteriously keels over and dies. No signs of illness, nothing. It can only mean that there’s someone behind it. But why would anyone want to kill the big boss of a huge production house like Bambatha? We can think of a few lucrative reasons. Reasons, perhaps neatly contained in a brief case?

Enter Warrant Officer Pule Shezi. He’s stepped in to find answers to these pressing questions and connect the dots. His presence on set has made a couple of people uncomfortable. It's got them searching for things hidden or even hiding things incriminating.

Monty might have found the warrant to be a right nuisance as he breathed question after question down his neck about the various scenes being shot in Kofifi. Or Silas may see Shezi as an interfering busy body, but the guy seems to be onto something. He found out about the missing brief case even before Silas could think up a new lie about it.

The warrant’s also got Thabisile besides herself with panic as she hid a purse full of money in her daughter's school bag. Could that have anything to do with the email sent to Godfrey, the accountant?

Also, in a revealing, if much too chilling, phone call from the eerie Congolese war-lord Fixo, Silas was shook within an inch of his life. Things aren’t going to go well for him lest he finds that brief case, very soon.

How long will it be before the warrant really finds #WhoKilledZwelakhe?

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