The Road: Shakey sherlock

25 December 2015
The Road: Shakey sherlock Image : 759
It must be the worst kind of realization for a detective to learn that his investigation has been compromised. Even worse, is when he is to blame for it. For placing his trust in someone he thought was a friend and a mentor, Detective Pule Shezi may have signed his own death certificate, and that of Zakes and Zaza’s.

But how was he ever to know that Kingdom Mathabane, his confidant, was the tarantula at the centre of a hairy web of diamond smuggling and genocide?

Say it ain't so

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s gone out an arrested Bheki for a crime he didn’t commit. A troubled history, distorted evidence and a poor hunch has led Shezi dangerously astray.

However, in a revealing moment he opened the book that ; who murdered both Kedi and Zwelakhe. When he sobered up to his terrible mistake he was determined to do some damage control. But, at the end of a pistol, commissioned by Kingdom himself, Shezi was forced to learn a fatal lesson all too late.

Inside job 

That’s a fourth dead body on the list, just as Kingdom promised. With no one to protect Bheki, Zakes nor Zaza should we brace ourselves for more carnage?

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