The Road: Selling your soul

11 October 2015
The Road: Selling your soul Image : 654
Sometimes life makes it difficult, even downright impossible, for us to be loyal. But it all boils down to intention, and how much the thing we’re selling our souls for really means. But it’s a slippery slope wouldn't you say?

Silas would know something about that but does Styles - who might as well have struck a deal with the devil - know what he’s gotten himself into? While Silas’ conscience is a debatable matter altogether, Styles seems forced by his circumstance to barter himself.

Either way, when The Germans paid him a surprise visit it seemed too easy a thing for him to be bought, even if they did pull a pistol to his head. Will he leave The Cowboys to join the big league or will he traipse the apparently thin line between two opposing sides?

Things went from bad to worse for Silas, who was dealt a sobering blow. Fickson, the petrifying, trigger-happy gangster, found his way into the hidden corners of Bambatha. Out of the dark, he and his his henchman popped out with a threatening reminder for him.

But he did his bit, searched the house in a discrete desperation and it looks like he’s finally found the all-important briefcase. But something tells us his troubles are far from over. How far will Silas go before the truth comes out? #WhoKilledZwelakhe

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